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Secrets of Effective Trade Show Booth Displays

The secret to creating and designing compelling and effective trade show booth displays is to realize that it really isn't a super secret! And it isn't brain surgery or even open heart surgery. It’s a simple matter of common sense. But unfortunately, simple common sense doesn’t mean it is "simple" or "common" to find effective trade show convention booth displays at most trade shows and conventions. From my experience, many exhibitors just don't use their heads when they create their trade show design. But by reading and learning from this article, and by following these simple points, you should be able to create an eye-catching, attention-getting, effective trade show or convention booth display that will pull prospects into your trade show booth and convert them into customers – which is the point of exhibiting at a trade show in the first place. All you've got to do is focus on these simple three things to insure your design does the job.

random tradeshow convention scene 2First, your booth has catch people's attention when they are passing by your booth space. Understand that your your trade show booth is just one of many at a typical convention or trade fair. Your booth design must differentiate your booth from all the other ones. You won't get much booth traffic if people just ignore your booth and walk on by. Combining a full-color background image with a memorable tagline is one simple way to accomplish "getting noticed".

Second, your booth design should make clear who you are and also what it is that you do. Make sure your company name is at the top of your trade show display and is easy to find. Also in easy to understand terms, you must clearly state what your company does. Test your design by having a friend look at it for a few seconds and then have them tell you who you are and what you do.

Third, you need to explain to people "what's in it for them." This is the most important part of an effective design. People want to know how you can help them - that's why they'll stop and talk to you instead of finding someone else to talk to. For example, if you a mobile phone provider, you might say how wide (and good) your coverage is. No matter what, you must tell people how you will help them.

To summarize, there are no "secrets" to designing effective trade show or convention booth displays. It shouldn't drive you crazy. You just need to have a display design that answers the three points above. You need a trade show design that stands out and commands attention. Your design must include your company name and what your company does. And finally, your design must communicate the benefits you offer. Make sure your trade show booth display design is effective and covers these three fundamental points, and be more successful with your trade show and convention marketing. Here's to your next trade fair being a tremendously smashing success! And may you end up with more trade show booth traffic than you know what to do with!


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