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Trade Show Display Design Tips

In my opinion, designing effective trade show display graphics isn’t brain surgery. Rather, it just means using common sense. However, that doesn’t mean effective trade show display graphics are actually very common at trade shows. Based on some of the trade show display designs I've seen, I have no idea what the designer was thinking. But if you follow the common sense advice in this article (and memorize these three simple "tips"), you can design an attention-getting, compelling, and effective trade fair display that will entice potential prospects into your booth, where you can then convert them into customers (which is what trade show marketing is all about). All you've got to do is focus on these simple three tips to insure your design does the job.

random trade show scene 1First, your trade show display must reach out and grab the attention of people walking by. A typical trade fair will have hundreds if not thousands of competing trade show pop up displays. Consider your pop up display booth (if you go with a conventional pop up display) will be just one little tree in a forest (of many, many trees). So job number one is to have a attention-grabbing booth design. You don't want people to just walk by your trade show pop up booth without stopping. Combining a full-color, full-size background image with a memorable tagline is one simple way to accomplish "getting noticed".

Second, your display design should make clear who you are and also what it is that you do (your products, services, etc). Use big letters for your company name and put it at the top. Under your company name, explain what your company does in one or two short sentences. Test your design by having a friend look at it for a few seconds and then have them tell you who you are and what you do.

Third, you need to clearly state and explain "what's in it for me" for your potential prospect. Your design must address this question to be effective. The vast majority of people will be thinking about themselves first (and not you) and will want to know if you can help them. For instance, if you are a website promotion or seo (search engine optimization) company, you might say that you can get their website onto the first page for their keywords (if you really can!). Whatever you do, remember to tell people how you can help them - this is the most important part of any effective design.

To conclude, designing effective trade fair display graphics involves creating a design that covers the three items above. Always remember that your trade fair display has to get noticed and stand out from the other trade show displays. Your design must include your company name and what your company does. And lastly, your design must say how you can help people. Create your trade show display design with these three criteria in mind and see your trade show booth be one of the busiest, most popular, and most crowded display booths at the show! May your next show or trade fair be your most successful and brilliant show yet, and may you end up with more trade show booth traffic than you know what to do with!

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